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Experience You Can Trust!

Georgetown has inspected over 1000 properties since 2010!

We help families to feel confident in making the biggest investment of their lives – buying a new home. Our friendly service puts our clients first and we promise you’ll be happy you chose Georgetown for your inspection!

Complete Home Inspection

We offer a full spectrum of inspection services including thermal imaging with each home inspection.

Georgetown uses Incuber Software Services to give you the highest quality home inspection report that you may access from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Georgetown Home Inspections Can Help!

We have some of the best certifications in the industry! If you’re looking for the best quality home inspection around, you’ve come to the right place!

Our Services

From top to bottom, Georgetown inspects all visible aspects of your home. We’ll pay careful attention to things that are going to affect health and safety first, and then the durability of the property. Are you able to live in it immediately or are there things that will need to be addressed first?

  • Radon Testing

    Radon is a naturally occurring odorless gas that can cause health issues. Hire Us to make sure the air in your home is safe.

  • Mold Testing

    Exposure to indoor molds is unhealthy for your family and a mold problem may cause damage to your home. We’ll conduct a visual test

  • Winterization

    Are your windows and doors properly caulked to prevent air intrusion? We’ll take a look at this along with the stripping.

  • Thermal Imaging

    We include this with each home inspection, however it can also be combined with any other service we offer for an additional charge.

What's more?

GEORGETOWN HOME INSPECTION, is much more than the Home of the Flat Rate Home Inspection. Georgetown Home Inspections plays a vital role in real estate transactions by thoroughly assessing a property’s structure and systems and delivering a comprehensive and honest home inspection report detailing any observable issues of note for home buyers, sellers, agents, realtors, and investors.


A Home is a largest purchase you will ever make.


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We gurantee that you will recieve inspection report.